And, I’m completely clueless how a song like “Gangnam Style” can have 2.5 Billion views on YouTube, and yet “Feel It Again” by Honeymoon Suite doesn’t even have a million views.

Last of the Runaways talked to Brian Barnhouse.
About his latest release “Clarified”, about good songs, Rick Springfield, Bobby Barth and Bon Jovi.
And a lot more. Brian is a talker. We like that at Last of the Runaways!

You get compared to Robert Tepper, Bryan Adams, Carl Dixon, John Kilzer … does make sense, does it? 

I’m always surprised when I hear comparisons to such great singers & writers. I really consider myself a “fan” first, and have a very hard time comparing myself to musicians that I hold in high regard. All four of the singer/ songwriters you mentioned have written really great songs…I feel I have written three or four “Good” songs…I’m still working on writing a “great” song.

The album has been recorded and released some time ago. Still being picked up by new fans. Nice and strange? 

Yes…it is very nice when I hear that more and more people are starting to like the album.

I was very fortunate to have so much musical talent around me for that recording: Bobby Barth, Bob Harris, Troy Johnson, & Jimmy Hunter…these are all very experienced and talented guys, and I look back now and am just thankful. I learned so much from Bobby…I really did. The bulk of the album was recorded in his home in New Orleans, and we’d work for a few hours per day, and then sit in his living room, and watch Game of Thrones or just chat. He’s one the most intelligent men I’ve ever met. I could have learned much more from him, but that’s a whole other interview. Lol

But back to your original question, I’m very grateful when someone likes “Clarified”…But, I’m really ready to start working on CD #2. I feel I’m writing some of my best material ever, right now. I’ve had so many humbling experiences in the last couple years, that I have new perspectives on a lot of things now…on Life in general….and plus, I’m still searching for that one “Great” song. I’m not 100% sure I’ll ever be happy with my song writing…It’s like my singing or guitar playing. It just hit me, that I need to lighten up on myself. I’m probably better than I think I am. lol

The music industry has changed a lot (or so they say). What did it bring you? And what not? 

I’ve never really understood the industry or the musical trends that come and go, or even how certain artists become so “BIG” and other much more talented artists are unheard of. To me, a good song is a good song, no matter the style of music, or the image of the artist.
And, I’m completely clueless how a song like “Gangnam Style” can have 2.5 Billion views on YouTube, and yet “Feel It Again” by Honeymoon Suite doesn’t even have a million views. I can’t make sense of something like that.

The biggest change I see is that not near as many people buy the physical forms of music anymore (CD, DVD, etc)…So, I think touring is much more vital these days for monetization.

But, for me, nothing has really changed…I’m still writing songs…and I’ll probably never stop. I once read that “writers have to write.” And, it took me a long time to accept that I’m a writer…In fact, every time I try to focus on another career path, I still have to write. It always calls me. It’s a curse and a blessing at the same time. There has been many times, where I spent too much time trying to work out a song idea, when I should have been focused on work stuff to pay the light bill….But, writing has gotten me through some tough times, too. It certainly helps to process situations and experiences, and kind of give them a home or closure.



She tells you she will decide on a 5-song-mix tape if there is going to be a second date. Which 5 would you put on?

This question was TOUGH, because there’s SO MANY great songs out there.
1: Affair Of The Heart – Rick Springfield

2: You Want To Make A Memory – Bon Jovi

3: Till It Shines – Bob Seger

4: Waiting For An Alibi – Thin Lizzy

5: Why Does Love Have To Change – Night Ranger

Sorry, I can’t help myself…Here’s my back-up 5:
1: Every Step Of The Way – John Waite

2: Talk To Ya Later – The Tubes

3: Big Machine – Goo Goo Dolls

4: Now Or Never – AXE

5: Barely Alive – The Jobson Brothers (Chris Stapleton)

I’m still missing a BUNCH of my favorite bands and writers. I could easily do a 50-Song mix tape. lol

If you could pick two bands (any) to tour the world with. Who? 

Without question, I would pick Rick Springfield and Bon Jovi. My mother took me to a Rick Springfield concert when I was 11 or 12, and it was the most incredible thing I had ever witnessed….The Guitars, The Lights, The Girls….It was my first experience with Live Rock n Roll, and I was hooked, instantly. He’s such an incredible song writer…I was horribly addicted to his “Living In Oz” album. I used to listen to that album so much, I never skipped over a song, back to back, over and over and over. It’s still my all time favorite album, every song is great, and the melodies, and harmonies, and guitar playing is all so incredible. His “Rock Of Life” album is just as good, too. I better stop there, as I could easily ramble on and on about Rick Springfield music. lol

Same sort of thing with Bon Jovi, except I never really obsessed with an entire album by them, but certain songs I would play over and over and over, “Silent Night,” “She Don’t Know Me.” Of course, “Living On A Prayer.” “Edge Of A Broken Heart”…I thought “Edge” was a Perfect Song. It’s so so good. Oh, and “You Want To Make A Memory”…That’s such a great song! They have several really, “Blood On Blood,” “I’ll Be There For You,” which is such an incredibly well-written song. I want to write one of those kind of songs, just one time.

What’s up for the next couple of months? Will you still be promoting the record? How?

I’m back in songwriting mode now. I’m hoping to start recording my 2nd solo CD in late May or early June, and hopefully have it released in July of 2017. I’ll have to talk to Ross at Concert House Music to see about the exact release date.

“CLARIFIED” will still be promoted a little bit. I’m hoping to have the song “Never Return” be edited for radio (an under 4 minutes version), and release that as a single a month or two before the 2nd CD comes out, and then do a full promotional campaign for the 2nd CD right when it’s released. I may even try to get some opening slots, and tour a little bit for the new CD, too. We’ll see what comes to pass, I guess.

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