‘Bombay Tears’ is not blues rock, jazz rock, hard rock or acoustic rock but a wonderfully addictive combination of all those styles and more
“IF TEXAN MUSIC has a ‘sound’ then Van Wilks would be the perfect example.

Bombay Tears was released in 1980. What comes to mind when you think about the recording sessions?

So long ago! September 1979! Where did those years go?! We drove out to Los Angeles from Austin, Texas. And spent a month or so recording. We’d been touring constantly so we had the songs down tight.

Do the songs still represent who you are?

Yes to a certain extent.  I think they have held up rather well and are still relevant 36 years later. A few still really resonate with me such as The title cut Bombay Tears and Living on Borrowed Time. We re-cut Borrowed Time for my new record.

Rock Candy will re-release the album soon. Where you surprised when they contacted you?

Yes very pleasantly surprised! I was familiar with what they were doing and was happy to jump on board! They are very passionate about the music they release. Kerrang magazine gave a great review to Bombay Tears in 1980 and the writer of that review, Xavier Russell , did the liner notes for the re-release! Very cool ….

Buy Bombay Tears here

You just a released 21st Century Blues. The music business has changed a lot between the release of Bombay Tears and the new one. What did it do for you?

Yes! We are very jazzed about the new record and the reviews it’s getting around the globe! The songs on this record hit hard and really show my “Texas Blues-Rock style. It’s available thru and CD Baby and Amazon.
The music biz has changed so dramatically that I don’t even know how to begin to tell you how it’s affected me and virtually every artist.  We just want the folks that like our music to buy Physical Product instead of downloading. The quality is so much better.

Is Bombay Tears the album people should listen too if they want to know you? Or should they start somewhere else?

If listeners want to get to know my music I think 21st Century Blues and Bombay Tears defines my style the best. But I like to leave that up to the individual…

What’s up for the next couple of months?
Same as always: playing live wherever they’ll have us!


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